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Spectra Focus is an end-to-end customer insights platform that unites qualitative and quantitative research with practical, creative solutions.

We drive your brand's performance by helping you understand your consumers more deeply.


Experience studies
Experience studies
For brand and customer experience professionals we offer:

Personas profiling
In-depth Customer view:
“Who exactly are my most vocal customers? Are there sub-groups that I am missing or could better target? What else are they interested in?”

Customer journey mapping
Your Brand vs Customer's experience:
“Where are the pain points in the customer journey? Are we spending our efforts on the right places in the journey?”

Brand experience landscape
Your Brand vs Competitor/Market:
“What is going to make us stand out in the market? What story will best resonate with consumers?”
Content studies
Content studies
For marketing and communications professionals, we’ve designed targeted tools to help bridge the delivery gap:

Market communications gap analysis
Your Brand vs Overall Market:
“What does the market value most in content and communications? How are we doing in comparison?”

Customer communications gap analysis
Your Brand vs Your Customer: “Are we talking about what our customers care about most? Are they picking up and sharing what we are saying? Where are customers missing our voice?”

Media campaign impact
Your Campaign vs previous/competitor campaign:
“Is my campaign engaging our target audience? Are they responding? How do we stack up versus competitors?”
Thematic reports
Thematic reports
Every four to six weeks we run a new study that centres on a particular topic, audience or general theme.

These studies cover some of the hot topics of the day including:
- Hong Kong Millennial Personas
- Influencer Trends
- China Millennial Personas
- Co-working Brand Landscape

Each report will typically come in two parts, one focusing on broader insights on the topic, with a tailored section focusing on your brand's performance.

If you would like to be kept abreast of our studies, be sure to get in touch.
How we work
With offices in Hong Kong and San Francisco, Spectra brings together a cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary team with expertise in retailing, branding, digital marketing, public relations and market research.

Behind our team is Insights™ – an in-house, next-generation market research tool that gives a deep view on the conversations and thought-processes behind your consumers’ habits and purchasing decisions.

We report back our findings not as a stack of charts, but through a clear story that extracts the actionable insights to move the needle for your business.
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